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It’s thyme to hear a fun fact: this is the most used herb across the globe.

Appearance & Flavor

Their tiny sphere-like leaves surround their thin stems. When young, the leaves are bright green and as they age, they take on a grayish-green hue. The flavor of thyme is woodsy with mint undertones. Chose bright-colored herbs and avoid those that are wilted, dried out, or are becoming black in color.

Ways to Enjoy

Thyme is a blending herb with many applications. Use it to season meats, sauces, soups, eggs, bread, and so many others. As you enjoy the holiday weekend, try making this refreshing drink for you and your friends.

Availability & Origin

Native to the Mediterranean, thyme is now also grown all over the US and northern regions of Canada year-round.


Store your thyme loose in a plastic bag or wrap it and place in the warmest part of the fridge. You should get up to 10 days of use.