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Although he doesn't look his age, Snoboy has been an internationally-recognized symbol of quality fresh produce for almost 100 years. In fact, he only puts his name on Snoboy produce.

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a collection of photos - one of a building, one of a Snoboy cartoon, and one of a box of apples

Snoboy’s reputation can be traced back to 1925, when Amerifresh predecessor Pacific Fruit and Produce entrusted Snoboy with an important job: representing Washington-grown apples that were quickly recognized as the very finest on the market. That same commitment to quality and freshness launched Snoboy across North America.

For the last century, he’s maintained consistent quality, and provided his famous reliability while undertaking new endeavors. Ever the multitasker, Snoboy diversified his portfolio with virtually every fruit and vegetable imaginable—all while maintaining an image synonymous with peak freshness.

a photo of a bunch of boxes stacked in such a way that they create a likeness of the American flag

We like to think of Snoboy’s journey as that of a pioneer. From his humble beginning selling fruit from a horse-drawn cart—and soon thereafter, forming Pacific Fruit and Produce—to Snoboy’s first television appearance and recent globe-trotting adventures, Snoboy’s legacy is iconic.