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Believe it or not, Snoboy wasn't always a world-famous produce expert. In fact, early in his career he didn't even leave the state of Washington! It is only through hard work, consistency, and innovation that Snoboy became a household name—and in the process, developed his place in history as a produce and industry icon. Take a trip through time to see how Snoboy came to be who he is today – and all he experienced along the way!

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Equipped with a horse-drawn cart and a vision, George Youell sets out to support his family by selling fruit to the Tacoma community, laying Snoboy’s foundation in the process.

old-time Snoboy photos

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As word spreads—and people from Tacoma to the Yakima Valley begin searching for Youell’s produce—his company grows immensely and begins doing business as the Pacific Fruit and Produce Company.

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Snoboy is born! After recognizing the superiority of Washington-grown apples, Pacific Fruit and Produce begins packing them under the Snoboy brand. While there are many apples grown in Washington, only a few are selected to be packed in his brand.

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As Snoboy’s retail popularity grows, he releases the first in a series of iconic television ads.

Screenshots from vintage Snoboy TV ads

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In a nod to Snoboy’s larger-than-life status, Pacific Gamble Robinson erects a monumental Snoboy sign—which can still be seen standing today on 5th Street in downtown Minneapolis—at the company’s then-headquarters.

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Snoboy gets a fresh new look! Amerifresh is formed and Snoboy gets a modern makeover, complete with fancy new earmuffs. What a fashion statement!

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Snoboy gets a snazzy new haircut and returns to retail! After traveling extensively to provide the foodservice industry with his premium-quality fruits and vegetables, Snoboy finally returns to his roots: pointing the public in the direction of produce we can trust.

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Snoboy celebrates 90 years as a leader in fresh produce.

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Snoboy inscribes “Freshness Guaranteed” on every box of his high-quality produce. The Snoboy logo was also updated to include this promise. Because—in his own words—Snoboy is always committed to his famous quality and consistency.

Romaine Hearts in Snoboy packaging and apples in a Snoboy box

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Snoboy gets another makeover and a new tagline: FIELD-FRESH SINCE 1925

Snoboy - Freshness Guaranteed logo