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Star Fruit


You’ll be seeing stars with this unique tropical fruit that is also known as carambola.

Appearance & Flavor

The star fruit has five deep ridges that make the slices look like stars, which is how the carambola got its nickname. When ripe, they will be a yellowish-green to a deep gold color depending on the variety and it is normal for some browning to appear on the ridges. The skin of the carambola is thin and waxy. The texture of the flesh is crisp, yet chewy, and its flavor is sweet and tangy. When picking them out, be sure to choose firm ones.

Ways to Enjoy

Try out this unique appetizer when having guests over; a tropical spin on traditional bruschetta. The skin is edible, so feel free to eat star fruit just the way it is. Or, get starry-eyed over a fun way to garnish anything from salads to cocktails. They also add a nice new flavor to juices, smoothies, and dressings. The shape is what makes this fruit so fun. Learn to cut it like a pro with these steps.

Availability & Origin

Star fruits grow all over the United States; California, Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. When imported, they generally come from Taiwan. They are available year-round.


Non-ripe carambolas can sit on your counter until they ripen, then they should be placed in the fridge in a covered container. This gets you about 10 days of use out of them.