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Slicer Cucumbers


Slicer cucumbers are considered your run-of-the-mill, everyday cucumber which originated thousands of years ago.

Appearance & Flavor

They are large and cylindrical. Ranging from dark green to slightly yellow or even some white in color, the thick skin is smooth or ribbed with small bumps. Inside, the flesh is light green with pale seeds that are edible, yet they can be bitter. Their texture is crisp and succulent and tastes a bit floral and grassy.

Ways to Enjoy

You can enjoy these cucumbers raw or cooked in salads, with dips, on sandwiches, in marinades, or to garnish drinks. Summer heat calls for refreshing infused water.

Availability & Origin

It is said that these cucumbers originated in India. They grow year-round. From June to September, they grow domestically in California, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and the Carolinas. From October to May, Mexico is our main importer.


When whole, wrap them in a paper towel in an open plastic bag and place in the crisper drawer for up to five days. If you only use part of the cucumber, cover the rest in plastic wrap and then place it in the crisper drawer in a paper towel and plastic bag. If you have sliced the entire cucumber, submerge them in water in an open container or wrap them in soaked paper towel and store in crisper. Either way should give you about five days of use from them.