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Savoy Spinach


In honor of National Spinach Day which is on March 26th, we are featuring this variety that is not your typical spinach.

Appearance & Flavor

Savoy and normal spinach are both dark green, but unlike the smooth leaves of the regular variety, the savoy type has crinkled leaves. Its flavor is strong and more earthy than regular spinach, and its tougher texture makes it chewier. Make sure to buy bunches that are dark green with crisp leaves. Avoid any with limp, wet leaves, or those that have yellow spots.

Ways to Enjoy

In need of a quick and easy side dish for a get-together but don’t know where to start? Try your hand at this simple savoy spinach side. Remember to wash the spinach carefully since they tend to be gritty. They are best when cooked down or sautéed and they hold their texture and shape better than regular spinach. Often, they are used as a substitute for chards, collards, and kales-so feel free to switch out your usual.

Availability & Origin

Savoy spinach is available all year long. California is the largest grower for the spring and summer months, but you can get your spinach fix from Arizona the remaining seasons.


Washing activates the breakdown process of savoy spinach, so don’t wash them before you’re ready to use them. To store them until future use, keep them unwashed in a plastic bag and they should last about three days.