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Red Radishes


There are dozens of varieties of this taproot. The most popular and readily available among these is the red radish.

Appearance & Flavor

Radishes can come with or without their thin edible leaves. The bulbs themselves are a deep red and can be up to three inches in diameter. The flesh is crisp that is an opaque white. Their texture is like a watercress with a peppery finish. The best ones are small to medium in size similar to that of a ping pong ball. Avoid ones that have blemishes, cracks, and wrinkles and the leaves should not be wilted or brown.

Ways to Enjoy

What could make radishes better? Bacon of course! Here’s a great recipe for a side dish. They can also be eaten raw, roasted, braised, grilled, and pickled. Toss them in your tacos, pasta, sandwiches, and pizza.

Availability & Origin

Red radishes are available year-round. In the US, they grow mostly in Texas and California. Beyond the US, Japan and China are large producers.


If you’re purchasing a bag of radishes, inspect the bag to ensure it’s free of mold. If the radishes still have their tops, cut them off completely with scissors since the tops can draw the moisture from the bulb. Then store them in a plastic bag slightly closed but not air-tight in your fridge’s crisper drawer. They should last up to 10 days. After slicing, store those slices in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to five days.