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Red Cabbage


The color of this cabbage is so vibrant and lasting that it can be used as a dye for clothing. Who’s in for a cabbage tie-dye session?

Appearance & Flavor

Red cabbages have large red-maroon oval heads and tightly-wrapped leaves with frilled edges, and they have pale, well-defined ribs. Make sure to choose a cabbage that is firm and bright in color. Avoid wilted and brown leaves. The flavor of red cabbage is milder and sweeter than that of other varieties.

Ways to Enjoy

Continue your St. Paddy’s celebration by putting your dip in a cabbage bowl! Often used as a substitute for the Napa variety, red cabbages are generally more readily available. They will not lose their color when cooked, in fact, they tend to stain the other foods it’s prepared with. Make sure to discard the outer leaves prior to preparation. The cabbage can be used in salads, slaws, kimchi, and filling for dumplings. Not to mention you can braise or pickle them.

Availability & Origin

These cabbages grow year-round and peak in the summer months. More than 70 percent of the American production comes from California, Wisconsin, New York, Florida, and Texas.


If you’re not using the cabbage right away, place it unwashed in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to a week. After cooking the cabbage, it will last one week in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in foil or plastic wrap.