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Check out the smallest form of edible greens produced by vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

Appearance & Flavor

You can eat the entire plant-stems and leaves. The flavor and appearance vary by variety, and there are more than 25 different varieties. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common.

Ways to Enjoy

They are quite popular as a salad of their own. Kick that salad up a notch by adding curry like this. Not only do they serve as a good addition to soups, sandwiches, and omelets, they are also perfect for garnishing burgers, pizza, and fish, and make a good substitute for sprouts in many dishes.

Availability & Origin

You can find these microgreens growing year-round, though they peak in spring and into late fall in many parts of the United States.


If you refrigerate them in an open container or a loose plastic bag, you should get around five days’ worth of use out of them.