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Jonagold Apples


Jonagold Apple = Jonathan + Golden Delicious. There are more than 60 strains of this popular dessert apple.

Appearance & Flavor

The color of this apple variety ranges from yellow-green to rosy-orange, and some show red spotting with striping. Its flesh is crispy, juicy, and creamy-yellow in color. After biting into this fruit, you’ll taste its sweet-tart flavor and smell the honey-like aroma. Pick out apples that are firm and free of decay and bruising.

Ways to Enjoy

Try this Jonagold cake-it’s delicious.  Just like that cake, Jonagolds go well in any dessert. Pies, cakes, and muffins for example. Another option is hollowing the apple out, stuffing it, and baking it for a unique dish. Just like any other apple, they make good salad toppers when raw or make tasty jams and sauces when cooked down.

Availability & Origin

Jonagolds are available between September and June. Belgium is the fondest of the American varieties which was found at a New York Agricultural station in the 1960s. You can find them growing in several states, such as California, Michigan, New York, and Washington.


Place your apples in a fruit or crisper drawer; if your fridge doesn’t have one, place them in a container or bowl uncovered in the back of the fridge, a.k.a. one of the coldest spots in there. They will last you up to three weeks. When stored at room temperature in a fruit bowl or on the counter, they will keep for about three days.