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Jazz Apples


Talk about exclusive! The jazz apple, a cross between a Royal Gala and Braeburn, is trademarked and only those who possess a license are allowed to grow it.

Appearance & Flavor

This is one of the harder apple varieties, yet it is very crisp and juicy. The skin has swirls of deep red over a green, yellow, and orange base. The flesh is a light yellow and tastes sweet and tart with a pear-flavored undertone. Select those that are free from blemishes, nicks, soft spots, and dull color.

Ways to Enjoy

Ever wonder where ‘sweet’ and ‘heat’ meet? In this chili, of course. It seems as though the two favorite ways people enjoy jazz apples are eating them as is and baking them. Try them out in pies, cakes, muffins, bread, salads, or stuff them.

Availability & Origin

Jazz apples, the special blend which originated in New Zealand, are available year-round. They come to us, however, from Washington state from October to April. Between March and September, they are produced in Chile and New Zealand.


Place in your crisper drawer or in an uncovered container or bowl in the back of the fridge (yep, the coldest spot). They will keep for a few months. When stored at room temperature in a fruit bowl or on the counter, you will get about three days or so of use.