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Fuyu Persimmon


This unique, tomato-looking fruit made its way to the United States via a naval fleet returning from Japan.

Appearance & Flavor

The Fuyu variety is rounded and squatty with a flat leaf on top. It is orange inside and out. Unlike other persimmon varieties, Fuyus do not have a sharp taste. When they’re ripe, they taste similar to a pear with hints of dates and cinnamon. Their texture is crisp and juicy when new, but after they mature, they become tender and gelatinous.

Ways to Enjoy

We’ve got more ideas for your holiday dinners-like this green bean side with a twist. You can tell when a Fuyu is ripe when its skin is firm and a deep orange. And when they are ripe, eat them raw, put them in sauces, jams, and jellies, or top your pies, yogurt, and pizza with them. They will also make a great filling for cakes, bread, and pies. There are so many ways to incorporate this persimmon into your holiday celebration.

Availability & Origin

Grab them from mid-fall all the way through the winter months. The worldwide producer is China but in the United States, California is the predominant growing region.


Before ripening, you can leave them out in room temperature for up to three days before they ripen. When ripe, they will last around two days if placed in a plastic bag. Ripe or not, store them separately from apples and other Ethylene-producing produce, as the Fuyu is sensitive and will spoil quickly.