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Fava Beans


The fava bean is an old-timer, that’s for sure. It’s known as one of the oldest crops since its earliest remains in Israel dated back to the Neolithic period-a.k.a. the Stone Age.

Appearance & Flavor

Similar in looks to the lima bean, these plump yellow or lime-colored beans are cushioned inside the pod by what looks like cotton. The beans are tender, yet the texture can be creamy or starchy depending on the age of the bean and how they are prepared. The sweet flavor has a grassy undertone. When picking your pods, look for the ones that are firm and fully-filled. Small bumps indicate that the pod is younger and easier to shell.  If you aren’t a pro at shelling yet, we’ve got you covered.

Ways to Enjoy

Need a new dip for your next binge-watching session? We thought so. Check this out. Where else can you throw in some fava beans? Try them blanched, braised, or pureed with your salads, soups, and sauces.

Availability & Origin

These beans are available fresh from March until May. If you want them beyond those three months, you can always purchase them canned, dried, or frozen.


Fava beans will last almost a week if stored in a sealed plastic bag.