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English Cucumbers


As the most popular cucumber type worldwide, they come with a couple of nicknames, such as ‘Hothouse’ or the seedless variety. They can even grow to almost two feet in length.

Appearance & Flavor

They differ from a regular cucumber-or a slicer-since they have edible skin and fewer seeds that aren’t bitter. Their skin is also thinner than that of a normal cucumber, and their shape is narrower. With flesh ranging from pale green to opaque white, pick out those that are firm, show no blemishes, and no signs of mold.

Ways to Enjoy

Try this recipe; it’s the perfect addition to your summer barbecue. Enjoyed raw or cooked in salads, dips, sandwiches, soups, and sushi. You can even puree and pickle them.

Availability & Origin

English Cucumbers are available all year long. Originally native to┬áCentral Asia, you’ll now find them growing in Europe, Canada,┬áMexico, and all over the US.


When whole, make sure to rinse and dry it. Wrap the cucumber in a dish towel or paper towel and then in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer. The bag should not contain much air but leave the top open. That will last you up to five days. If you only use part of the cucumber, cover the cut part with plastic wrap, and follow the same storage directions for the whole cucumber. If you have cut pieces left, submerge the slices in water in an open container or soak the paper towels wrapping them and place them in crisper. Both ways will get you up to five days’ worth of use.