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You’ll never guess which family this centuries-old herb is a part of… if you guessed the carrot family, you must be a produce expert too!

Appearance & Flavor

This herb with thin stalks and feathery leaves tastes like celery, parsley, and anise with a lemon finish. Choose herbs that have a fresh scent. Dill is green, so avoid those with brown or wilted leaves.

Ways to Enjoy

Dill can be used fresh, cooked, or simply as a garnish. When tossing it into sauces, remember it has a strong flavor that you may want to use sparingly. Want to kick up your BBQ side? Try this recipe.

Availability & Origin

Dill grows year-round. Native to Southern Russia and the Mediterranean, dill is now grown all over the US and in Western Canada.


Dill is a delicate herb that needs to be used as soon as possible. Store in a plastic bag with some air in the crisper drawer and you may get two days out of it.