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Comice Pears


Since the holiday season is upon us, let’s talk about the fruit that is nicknamed the Christmas Pear. The Comice Pear is often given as gifts, so if you can’t figure out what to get the food lover in your life, maybe a gift box of these will do the trick-plus, you’ll have plenty of interesting facts to share.

Appearance and Flavor 

More plump than others in the pear family, with a rounder body and a shorter neck, they are also the sweetest pears. Their buttery flesh is often green, sometimes showing a red blush, and they are very juicy.

Ways to Enjoy 

Due to its delicate texture, the Comice Pear is not an ideal candidate for cooking. However, this soup recipe is a good option. Other ideas include eating them raw, throwing a few in your salad, or using them to complement a plate of soft cheese, such as Blue or Brie.

Availability and Origin

These pears are available from September to March and are primarily grown in the northwestern United States and France.


Their fragile skin must be handled lightly to avoid bruising. Click here to determine if your pears are ripe. If the pear is ripe, store in the fridge between 35 and 45 degrees for up to two days. If it is not ripe, leave it out at room temperature.